Our Certifications

We assist you in reaching your quality objectives.

Our capacity to provide clients with unmatched service and product quality is ensured by our business procedures being in line with the guidelines outlined in the following standards.

Our quality assurance process is completely integrated into our company management systems and encompasses all operations that have an effect on the services we provide to our clients. It guarantees that we adhere to the following values:


We engage in conversation and pay attention to our clients.

  • Anticipating the requirements and aspirations of our consumers is our proactive approach.
  • We ensure that we and our clients are safe by adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.
  • We offer easily comprehensible and easily available technical, marketing, and support information.
  • Our constant goal is to enhance our operational procedures, offerings, and services to better serve our clientele.


Since 2006, TPS Shanghai has been certified ISO9001 and UL ( Underwriters Laboratories) , and 2020 followed the IATF16949 certification for automotive electronics.